30 avril, 2010

A nice story to motivate the troops for tomorrow

Barbara has sent us these pictures along with this story. I just love it and would like to share it with you before this big day we have tomorrow. The story illustrates perfectly well what this is all about. Thank you so much Barbara.

The picture attached was made on the 29/07/09 in Vorst, just after a long discussion with two men doing the maintenance of the flowerbeds next to the tramway (subcontracted by the Region).
A couple of flowering sunflowers in the street had already been cut down and removed at the moment i arrived.
I engaged in a discussion with those man ...

Hello. Don't you like the flowers?
Yes they are nice moreover....[hesitation]....yo
u could eat their seeds after flowering. .
.It's true I like them...
Me too, i love them...but why then are you cutting them?
Our boss told us to do so
To cut the flowers?
To put everything completely "clean".
I don't think he meant to cut the flowers
Really we have to clean it all...
Maybe you could clean it all, but leave the flowers?
Okay...okak..but our boss...
Finally the flowers stayed.


At 8:41 PM, Blogger Simon said...

Positive and inspiring, glad I found you


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