29 avril, 2013


Hello fellow guerrilla gardeners.

Since 2006, we've been planting sunflower seeds in Brussels, Belgium. We've declared May 1st as the International Sunflower Guerilla Gardening Day in 2007 and since then many groups across the northern hemisphere have followed our path and beautified their city with the great yellow flower.

We welcome you again to join us on May 1st, place poelaert in Brussels at 13:00 for a distribution of sunflower seeds and group gathering. We should stay there until 14:30. After that, everyone is invited to spread across Brussels and plant wherever they feel like.

You might be wondering why you've got this message so late. But since this has become a tradition in Brussels and elsewhere, we don't see the need anymore to inform you about our action. We will always host this meeting every May 1st at 13:00, place poelaert for years to come, but might not communicate about it in the future.

This project has always been an open idea, to be reused, shared and spread and we are happy to see that groups everywhere do it on their own without waiting for our call to action. With great surprise, we would like to mention to you another meeting point in Brussels on May 1st. People will gather at Central Station at 14:00.

If you've set up a meeting elsewhere in Brussels or in Belgium, we would happily promote it through this mailing list and our blog. And if you haven't set up a meeting yet, please do it. It's just a matter of telling us where and when.

Anyway, for those who will join us. Bring a planting tool (be it a screwdriver, a stick or a fork). You know. Just something to dig a small hole. We bring the seeds. Happy guerilla gardening to you all. 


PS: For the social fellows, there is a page you can click on to tell the world that you are part of this. (1500 have already said they'll do it)