12 juin, 2009

Excursus: Twitter, Brussels website and Parks

Well, sorry for the off-topic, but I had to mention it.
Brussels has an official website. Yes, so what. Even Montcuq has one. But the City of Brussels has also a Twitter account. What?. Yes, you read it right. You can get tweets from your European capital if you'd like. I thought my city officials didn't know anything about technologies and the net. Guess I'm wrong.

But why am I mentioning this here? Because their last tweet says this:

So I had to check. Here is the link.
« Brussels is one of the most green European capitals. A multitude of parks and gardens are present in the city. Each of them possess their own history, organization, sculptures, architecture, trees,... They are an oasis of calm in the pounding heart of Brussels. »
Glad to know that. ;)

One (major) critic though. For a European capital, have pages on the website that says: « This page has been automatically translated from French into English by a translation software. Automatic translations are not as accurate as translations made by professional human translators. Nevertheless these pages can help you understand information published by the City of Brussels. »

Wooo. Baaad ;)