30 septembre, 2008

Giant sunflowers defying heavy traffic

Sunflowers are amazing plants. Since more than two years, we've planted seeds in different areas. Many of us would never have guessed that it would actually work. Some of the areas we plant don't even have weeds on it. But sunflowers are strong and can obviously go through a lot of shit. Here's another example of it, sent by our friend Richard from Guerrilla Gardening. I wouldn't feel comfortable standing there with those trucks flying by. But, as Richard told me, without any care or watering, those sunflowers did almost reached the same height as the London double decker. Impressive.

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22 septembre, 2008

London sunflowers are beautiful

Yes. That's it. London did get a better summer than we did. As a proof, look at their sunflowers. Giant, colorful and healthy. Or is it the soil? Or is it the seeds? Anyway, this should encourage all of us to do our best next spring. Prepare for the 1 May 2009 International Sunflower Guerrilla Day 3. Any farmer would donate some great sunflower seeds? That would be so welcome. ;-)

All photos are copyrighted to Richard Reynolds from Guerrilla Gardening

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03 septembre, 2008

Sunflower Guerrilla is the choice of a UNFPA goodwill ambassador

(I always wanted a title like this. :-) )

Goedele is a new magazine from Belgium (by Goedele Liekens, UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador). First issue just came out today. And yes, there's a full page about Brussels farmers. Full article is copied here under.

All sunflowers on the photo where planted by Andy and his friends. The photo shoot got us the chance to meet him and talk about guerrilla gardening. So Andy, if you read this: "Did you harvest those plants? Could I come and have some seeds?"



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01 septembre, 2008

Sunflowers growing with Big Ben bells.

Richard, from Guerrilla Gardening, posted a video about his audacious and symbolic sunflower guerrilla planting in London.

Nice touch. More photos coming soon.

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