23 mai, 2008

Hear it: Guerrilla Gardening and Brussels-farmer - By Jimmy Lloyd


Sorry for posting this so late. I've received a while ago a nice package in my mailbox.
It had a CD in it, with a nice cover ;-), and a letter. All this thanks to Jimmy Lloyd.

Jimmy and his friend paid a visit to Brussels earlier this year and arranged a meeting with me so we could talk about the sunflower guerrilla. Jimmy had the project of making an audio documentary about guerrilla gardening and alike. So we met one afternoon. I just made him promise to send me a copy of his final work.

And here it is.( mp3 or ogg )

It's very well made, quite fun and interesting at the same time. A very nice job. Thanks Jimmy.

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09 mai, 2008

Photos from ISGD2 - Brussels

Copyright: Olivier VIN
© Photo by Olivier VIN

Photos of the International Sunflower Guerrilla Day 2008 are coming in. Here is a little set from what happened in Brussels. Thanks to Angel and Heymana for sharing this. Your photos are awesome.

View all Angel photos here.
And Heymana set is here.

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05 mai, 2008

A little report of ISGD2

[ISGD2 = International Sunflower Guerrilla Day 2]
Here is a little a bit of news from the front outside Belgium.

Dave, from Osagegroup, Illinoy, USA, has posted some pictures on his blog.

"The dancing butterlfly" has written a nice little story about her sunflower plantation with her children. Read the full story here.

And Ben, from London, has been planting on New Kent road. He wrote and posted pictures about it on the Guerrilla Gardening forum.

More news from London will be coming soon, since I had the chance to be there on 1 May and see Richard's guerrilla gardening group in action.

If you want to share your experience of the International Sunflower Guerrilla Day 2, please, use the Guerrilla Gardening forum or mail us at brussels.farmer@gmail.com

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02 mai, 2008

JT RTBF - 2ème Journée Internationale de la Guerilla Tournesol.

Voici déjà un compte rendu de notre chaîne nationale, en attendant le rapport complet de cette journée et les photos qui suivront...

Et un grand merci à tous ceux qui sont venus : avec le temps qu'il a fait, c'était deux foix plus courageux de votre part !

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