18 mai, 2011

They are coming out

Spotted this morning, the first sunflower sprouts showed up in places where we planted. Thanks to the rains from the last couple days, the seeds have finally had their share of water and can start their journey to a beautiful flower.

Have a look around your plantations and keep us informed with your results.

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11 mai, 2011

Using Villo bike-sharing to spread sunflower seeds

1 May 2011 - Brussels Farmer

We've told you that we distributed 400 homemade seed bags on 1 May. Well, Soft, one of our longtime sunflower guerrilla planter had the idea to stick some of those on the community bicycles you see in Brussels, so they would spread randomly across the city.

So if you are a Villo user, you might have seen this. And if so, we would like to hear from you. Did you take it? Did you plant it?

1 May 2011 - Brussels Farmer

Well, anyway, since those bike-sharing initiatives tend to spread to every major city in the world, maybe Guerrilla Gardeners could start using it to spread their message. There is a chance the crowd using those might be a bit more receptive to our message and actions than random people, don't you think?

1 May 2011 - Brussels Farmer

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10 mai, 2011

Sunflower Guerrilla in Opont, Belgium

Never heard of Opont, Belgium before seeing this message on Facebook:

So I asked Le Renard Dormant if he would be willing to share some of his pictures with us. And here's what he sent:

As you can see, you don't need to be living in a crowded urban area to be guerrilla gardening. There is also places that can get some love wherever you are. And as it's been proven also before, it's a great activity to do with kids.

If you read this and want to share your contribution, please send any material (text, pictures or video) to brusselsfarmer@gmail.com. We 'd be happy to post it.

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09 mai, 2011

Brussels Farmer interviewed for MyBrussels

MyBrussels is an english speaking program on the local TVBrussel.
Thanks to Evan for the cool interview.

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03 mai, 2011

400 sachets de graines de trounesol distribués ce 1er Mai

Si vous êtes venu au rendez-vous Place Poelaert, vous savez de quoi je parle. Peut-être en avez vous reçu dans votre boîte au lettre ou bien un groupe d'inconnu vous en a remis au hasard des rues Bruxelloises.

Si vous ne savez pas quoi en faire, c'est simple. ;)
1. Prenez un petit outil, genre vieux clou ou vieux tournevis.
2. Descendez dans votre rue.
3. Trouvez un petit coin de terre et faites y quelques trous.
4. Déposez une graine dans chaque trou.
5. Allez au coin de terre suivant et recommencez jusqu'à ce que vous n'ayez plus de graine dans votre sachet.

Merci à tous ceux qui ont participé et n'oubliez pas d'envoyer vos photos ou compte rendu à brusselsfarmer@gmail.com

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